What do they say about it ?

What do they say about it ?

A big personal crush at the Paléo Festival for a show which has just came out: Very Lost by “Les Etablissements Lafaille” company.

It is a moving street show with a very funny clown duo who improvise while walking the streets. Some parts of the show are hilarious, I’ve seen them doing magnificent circles, it’s brand new and it’s great! I highly recommend it!

Carnet de route: Quality Street Company July 28th 2019 (Paléo Festival in Nyon Switzerland)


Street furniture is far more dangerous to move through than the deepest jungles. The two explorers of Very Lost demonstrate it brilliantly. Coming out of a 19th century adventure picture book, they surprise the spectators who are glad to witness this improbable journey.

Courrier de l’ouest  September 11th 2017 (Les Accroche coeur Festival in Angers France)


Raising our heads, we could see, between two Christmas cabins, two explorers obviously lost on the roofs of the Christmas Market on Travot Square! These two men seemed to be perched which made the grown-ups laugh and the little ones gawk.

Ouest France   December 3rd 2017 (Christmas Market in Cholet  France)