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International show case 2021 Belfast

Chosen for the 2021st edition of FESTIVAL OF FOOLS in BELFAST, that couldn’t take place ; VERY LOST took part in a web broadcast with 20 other companies and 32 other European and Russian festivals INTERNATIONAL SHOW CASE 2021 BELSFAT

2021 Schedule

South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Latvia, France…. calendar as at september 1, 2021 May Dole (39) deferral Ansan (South Korea) deferral Holzimden (Allemagne) deferral Apt (84) deferral Rivolet (69) deferral June Venansault (85) deferral 19 Moncé en Belin (72) 13 Epinal (88) 14 Epinal (88) Epernay (51) deferral Rouillac (16) deferral July Bornholm (Denmark) deferral.

So that from ordinary resurge extraordinary

Awakened this summer by laughter, smiles, amazed eyes, and enchanted ears, the street has become a poet again. The bitumen warms up. Behind the walls, under the concrete: horizons. Buses in trance, doors that sing, streets that whisper in the ear of passers-by soft things, like this can happen sometimes when you are a spectator..

What do they say about it ?

A big personal crush at the Paléo Festival for a show which has just came out: Very Lost by “Les Etablissements Lafaille” company. It is a moving street show with a very funny clown duo who improvise while walking the streets. Some parts of the show are hilarious, I’ve seen them doing magnificent circles, it’s.

Season 1 : a very good record

2019 was the first season of Very Lost and there have already been 30 performances Paléo festival Nyon (Suisse)/ Les Accroche-coeurs Angers (49) / Carpentras (84) / Loué (72) / La Ferté Bernard (72) /Ruminghem (62) / Doue la fontaine (49) / Tuffalun (49) / Romorantin-Lanthenay (41) / Aurillac (15) / Saint Calais (72) /.