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2020 dates postponed

South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Latvia…. 2020 dates postponed Schedule as of November 23, 2020 64 shows since 2018 including 25 cancellations in 2020 April Dole (39) indeterminate deferral May 1 Ansan (Corée du sud) indeterminate deferral 2 Ansan (Corée du sud) indeterminate deferral 3 Ansan (Corée du sud) indeterminate deferral 31 Rivolet (69) indeterminate deferral June 13 Epinal (88) probable.

64 shows since 2018

Okay, we’ve had 25 cancellations this year, okay! But the show is only 2 years old and is the first of the Lafaille Establishments, so we are rather filled with a kind of forbidden hope. We still overflow with this terrible desire to walk the asphalt, to play and replay the street, and the real,.

What do they say about it ?

A big personal crush at the Paléo Festival for a show which has just came out: Very Lost by “Les Etablissements Lafaille” company. It is a moving street show with a very funny clown duo who improvise while walking the streets. Some parts of the show are hilarious, I’ve seen them doing magnificent circles, it’s.

Season 1 : a very good record

2019 was the first season of Very Lost and there have already been 30 performances Paléo festival Nyon (Suisse)/ Les Accroche-coeurs Angers (49) / Carpentras (84) / Loué (72) / La Ferté Bernard (72) /Ruminghem (62) / Doue la fontaine (49) / Tuffalun (49) / Romorantin-Lanthenay (41) / Aurillac (15) / Saint Calais (72) /.