“Les Etablissements LAFAILLE” COMPANY

South Korea, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, France...64 performances scheduled in 2 years.

The desperate grandiloquence of the clown.
The default and weakness of Man.
Playing the spaces, like flaws, from where everything can come out, from where everything can exist.

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Be infallible !

At the bottom of every flaw exists a thread that we do our best to pull because this is a golden thread. We are imperfect so we are precious.

Very Lost

Clown duo for public spaces.

First show after 20 years acting in the street with « Jo Bithume » and « Démons et Merveilles » companies, with more than 1000 performances in 15 different countries.

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Nothing else than our Human height, some props, our imagination and our spectators’ imagination.


At the heart of the fault !

Playing the street is for us acting the street, diverting our living spaces from everyday life, bringing them depth of focus, perspective, drawing vanishing points and horizons. 

Marie-Laure Marchand

External eye

Tony Noyers

Writer, actor and artistic advisor

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