Show So Bigger

So Bigger

Clown duo for the street

2023, first season: 35 performances


Time : 2 x 30 minutes
Spectators : 200


A game with the urban environment, discovering the poetic spaces of everyday life.

The impertinent look of candor and innocence on our living spaces. A point of view that opens up the city like a picture book, and gives the viewer back the jubilation of imagining.


« In the walls of flowers, under the asphalt of colors. The sidewalks and concrete are full of mischief and poetry. I want the incongruous in the street, I want people to be surprised by their city, of its neighborhood again and again. I want us to open our eyes wide, to discover the sky through the walls, I want to give field and perspective in cities, villages, and breath in our daily lives. »

Tony Noyers, Author of Very Lost and actor on this last one, I will guide this time from the outside, to insufflate more of what makes me go forward, to give voice to this theme of illegitimacy, omnipresent in my work, which comes back again and again (neither in the right place nor at the right time).


PLAYING WITH THE STREET FOR THE STREET – The street is talkative, let’s listen to what it has to say.

The public, the space, and the urban elements are part of the story. They are the elements of reality, which the fiction confronts. The street is the stake, the danger, and the drama.

The absurd and the poetics of the public space
Hiding in the street with a work of art? Our clowns, by their candor and their improbable management of reality, allow us to take another look at everyday spaces.

At stake, the danger, the drama.
We rely on the spatial realities of the street to develop imaginary situations. The dramatic tensions thus put the street in the game.

The physical burlesque
The street for us is not a place to play, it IS a game:
“Let’s lean on it with all our strength, to knock it down. Let’s fall into it to fall into its arms”.

In pictures


The living: The veracity of the characters
Although the characters are very drawn, they are nevertheless truly alive. They exist in the present moment: they breathe, suffer, sweat, speak. It is precisely the contrast with their status as characters and their human reality, which takes us into their story.

Movement: body language, rhythm language
A language of the body, where movements speak without saying. A universal language that appeals to the collective imagination and allows the spectator to build a story from his own references.

The visual : The city as a picture book
The show is visual, drawn, aesthetic. The scenes are treated like paintings. It is about balance, vanishing points, lines of contradictions, for each character, on the duo and in relation to the space.

The absurd and the burlesque

They are in the open, vulnerable. They shave the walls, discreetly, with the stolen painting, but the sidewalks set traps for them, the bus shelters, the posts and the benches are an incomprehensible labyrinth. And those hundreds of eyes on them: the painting is so big, they are so visible. It is really too late. They have no choice but to do everything to disappear.


The world is too big for them. They are overwhelmed by the immensity of the world.
Everything is so SO BIGGER.

The tragedy

« Le radeau de la Méduse » because if it is a burglary of a work of art, it is above all a question of shipwreck.

Relationship between characters and painting :

This stolen painting is nothing more than a raft for the characters. Thinking to master it, it is finally the painting that carries them. They find themselves above and below it, trying to tame it. They are tossed by this object, as if they were at sea. They cling to it as if they were shipwrecked.


A big personal favorite at the Paleo festival, for a show that just came out : Very Lost, by Les Établissements Lafaille. It’s a clown walk, funny, a duo of clown improvisers in movement, with hilarious sequences, I saw them doing magnificent circles, it’s brand new and it’s great, I recommend them!

Carnet de route : Company Qualité Street 28/07/19 (Paléo Festival Nyon, Switzerland)

Urban furniture is much more dangerous to cross than the deepest of jungles. The two explorers of VERY LOST demonstrate this brilliantly. Out of a 19th century adventure picture book, they surprise the audience who are delighted to witness this improbable epic.

Courrier de l’ouest 11/09/17 (Festival Les Accroche coeur, Angers)

When we looked up, we saw, between two chalets, two explorers obviously lost on the roofs of the Christmas market of the Travot square! These two buggers, seemed well perched. Literally and figuratively. This did not fail to provoke the hilarity of the older children and the amazement of the younger ones.

Ouest France 03/12/17 (Christmas market, Cholet)


TECHNICAL SHEET : how it works ?

Time of passage : 2 x 30 minutes. 1H30 break between each run OR 1 x 45 minutes.

Dressing room requirements : Less than 100 metres from the performance venue. Minimum floor space 15-20 m2
– Electrical outlets
– Nearby toilet
– 1 mirror
– Water point (canteen refill)
– 1 table
– 4 chairs
– Warm-up area for 2 people

Installation : 1h30

Locate locations : 1h

Use of street elements :
Some elements of the public space can be subjected to solicitation : Furniture, garbage cans, bus shelters, signs, advertising, copses, trees …

During the performance :
– 2 or more people to place the painting in a specific location before the show starts. Location
defined with the comedians during the scouting.
– We ask for an accompanist for the good progress of the representation.
– No music or other noise pollution on the circuit or nearby.


Jeu : Marion Gouvernet et Arnaud Nedelec

Conception, écriture, et mise en scène : Tony Noyers

Conseils à la mise en scène : Emilie Goupil et Isabelle Osmas

Décor : Camille Besnard (reproduction de l’œuvre de Théodore Géricault) et Bernard Fournier (structure)

Production : Marine Roucheteau


Marine Roucheteau for her pragmatism and extremely pertinent questions, Emilie Goupil for being there in moments of doubt, Catherine Delerue from festival les Utopitreries Ruminghem (62), David Seurin from festival Les Entrelacés Lassay les châteaux (72), Josiane Bicard and Wilfrid Shopp from Mairie de Lagord (17), and Bruno De Beaufort from CNAREP sur le pont (La Rochelle), Patrick Chambaz from Paléo festival (Switzerland), Emmanuelle Beytrison from Hérisson sous gazon festival (Switzerland), Marie Driaux from the Accroche-cœurs festival, Lucie France from the commune of Saint Calais (72), Nolwenn Ployez from the commune of Brissac Loire Aubance (49), Tatiana Guelle from the Le Val’Rhonne Socio-cultural center in Moncé en Belin (72), Jérôme Côme from the festival Les rendez-vous de ST Lyphard (72), Aurélie Fontaine from the Jean Carmet cultural center in Mûrs Erigné (49), and Céline Ducoq from the Loire Authion cultural department (49), for their confidence in our pre-purchases.

And to all our financial partners, without whom this show would not have been possible:





We still have plenty of people to thank for making our projects possible.